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Bardock - Alex's DBZ RPG 5 Wiki Level: 52 Location:
(Cyber Augs)

Chaotic Evil (-8)
DP: 84
SP: 121
RP Credits: 8
AIM: Raizoku53
Fighting Styles: Tactical (Lvl. 21) - [0/8 Spars] or [0/2 Battles]
Aggressive (Lvl. 1) - [0/4 Spars] or [0/1 Battle]
Tokens: 0 Scenari: 3
Affiliation: Universal Terror (Co-Captain) + Third Class Saiyan

- Combat Stats -

Base Stat
Battle Bonus
Power Level: 8/406,402

Ki: 4/203,201

Strength: 57,600
Speed: 39,757
Toughness: 48,570
Stamina: 50,875
Vitality: 46,156
Determination: 1,076 5 0
Charisma: 512 20 0
Intelligence: 2,773 10 0

- Equipment -

Slot Equipped Bonus
Body: [s]Karate Gi[/s]Damaskian Plated Mark IV Armor of Fire -Increases training by +8 Spd.
-Shadow Cloak
Increases training by + x Strength where X is equal to your negative alignment +1. Also adds +100 strength in battle.
Arms: [s]Super Wrist Weights of Wind + Weighted Interlock + Super Weighted Gloves of Wind[/s] Shadow Bladed Gauntlets of Earth [Lvl 5] -Super Wrist Weights increasestraining by +5 Str, +2 Spd, and +5 Sta.
-Wind Rune adds +3 to Spd.

-Weighted Interlock allows you to wear Wrist Weights, Gauntlet, or a Bracelet and any gloves together on the arms. Amplifies training by +1 all stats.
-Super Weighted Gloves increasestraining by +6 strength and +4 stamina
-Wind Rune adds +3 to Spd.
Legs: [s]Greaves of the Valkyra of Fire[UT][/s]Assassin's Shoes -Amplifies training by +15 Vit and adds +450 Vit in battle.
-Fire Rune adds +3 to Str.
Head:[s]Weighted Headband of Wind w/ Gravity Weights x20[/s]Scouter [Battle Recorder + Technique Scanner]-Amplifies training by +4 Str and +3 Sta. Wind Rune adds +3 Spd.
-Gravity Weights x20 adds +20 to all stats.
Accessory: Sash of the Canoness of Wind[UT]
-Increases training by +20 Spd.
Wind Rune adds +3 to Spd.
Accessory: Forged Speed Ring of Wind[UT]
Intelligence Belt of Earth and Combat

-Increases training by +20 Spd.
-Wind Rune adds +3 Spd.
-Earth Rune adds +3 to Tou.
-Combat Rune adds +10 exp to battles and +5 exp to spars.

- In Depth -

  • Consecutive Timer: 1/14
  • Crime Boss Job: [0/3]
  • Gravity Training Level: 6
Inventory: Super Weighted Clothing of Fortune, Damaskian Plated Mark IV Armor of Fire, Lightweight Clothes of Spirit[e], Greaves of the Valkyra of Fire[UT][e], Sash of the Canoness of Wind[UT][e], Forged Speed Ring of Wind[UT][e], Weighted Interlock[e], Super Wrist Weights, Wrist Weights, Forged Strength Ring of Fire, Forged Toughness Ring, Full Bag of Senzu Beans[x2], Saiyan Armor W/O Shoulders of Might, Saiyan Gauntlet of Spirit Weighted Clothing, Bracelet, Stamina Ring of Water, Scouter [Battle Recorder + Technique Scanner], Eye Shield, Saiyan Boots of Earth, Stamina Ring[x2], Toughness Ring[x5], Vitality Ring[x3], Speed Ring[x3], Scribing Pens[x2], Ki Buffer, Energy Drink, Ki Gloves, Stasis Grenade, Gem of Telepathy[x4], Saiyan War Ship [S.S.T.F.] (Mega Gravitron[Gravity Amp], Rejuvination Tank[x2], Ki Orb[x1]), Gravitron, Super Weighted Gloves[e], Dragon Radar, Weight Augment[x5], Gravity Weights x20[e], Icicle Gloves, Shadow Cloak[e], Intelligence Belt[e], Flame Tunic, Stun Grenade, CC Barrier, Power Gauntlet, Energizer, Stasis Grenade, Kunai, Lv 2 Attunement Crystal (Valor), Amnesia Greens, Caffeine Shot, Potion, Level 1 Slot, Level 3 Slot, Military Uniform[e], Conquest Ribbon, Namek Ribbon, Earth Ribbon, Saiba Seed, Saiba Jar, Portal, Arlian Hive, Pulse Grenade, Ki Well, Shadow Bladed Gauntlets of Earth [Lvl 5], Enhanced Sensor Module, Motion Detector, Hot Rep, Bloody Story, Tale of Avarice, Dragon Scouter, Assassin's Shoes,

Rare Items: None

Donation items: Business Card, Permit to Sell, Sneaky Boots,Technique Mastery

Used Items: Apprentice Scroll, Advanced Scroll, Fundamental Scroll, Fundamental Scroll II, Sensei Scroll, Chi of the Ancients (5/5),Tonic(7/8), Super Tonic(5/5), Halloween Candy[x2], Yemma Fruit, Blood Infusion x1, Watarian Implants x2, Guide: Finding Purpose, Guide: Ancient Mathematics, Guide: Adel's Ki Mastery, Guide: Adel's Technique Mastery, The Engineers Guide, Inscription Manual, Advanced Runes, Elixir (10/10), Dark Lager, Art of War (5/5), Dark Meat[x2], Tree of Might, Amnesia Greens 2[2/2], Cybernetic Augmentation, Gene Therapy(2/2), Muscle Boosters[x20],

Fundamentals (16/16): Energy Wave, One Finger Blast, Double Energy Wave, Beam Ball, Fire Breath, Energy Dan, Mouth Blast, Moonshine Blast, Mesposo, Suiken, Blast Punch, Serafin Punch, Dynamite Kick, Bukujutsu, Power Fly, Kiai, Deflect, Double Assault, Power Blast, *Ki Grenade*

Advanced (9/9): Iaigiri, Dirty Fireworks, Hyper Tornado Attack, Kakusandan, [Mastered] Rapid Ion Blast, Demiton Bomb, Double Big Bang, Dragon Diive, Hokaku Kon Dan,Big Bang Attack, Atomic Blast, Renzoku Energy Dan,Ion Blast,*Advanced Ki Grenade*

Power Ups (5/8):
Dyne Power Up, Hassuken, Zanzoken, Double Zanzoken, Energy Charger, Aura

Finisher (2/2):
Revenge Death Ball, Galactic Machine Gun

Rush Attacks (2/2): Galactic Tyrant, Breakstorm

Passives: Encyclopedic Knowledge (Level 2), Loyal (Level 1), Champion (Level 1),Tactician (Level 1)

Special Abilities:
Controlled Oozaru(N/A), Zenkai, Shishio, Giji Super Saiyan, Second Wave, Second Wind, Ferocity, Empowerment, Reserves, Fisticuffs, Advanced Fisticuffs, Transmute Energy, Ki Suppression, Ki Mastery 1, Ki Mastery 2, Ki Mastery 3, Inscription Lvl1, Inscription Lvl2, Inscription Lvl3,

Weapon Techs: None

Stances (1/1): Crush Stance

Battle Record: 10/09/03

Kill Count: 6

Quests Completed:
Easy - "Water, Please, I Need Water", Call To Duty, Painfully Poltergeist, Princess Snake, Gregory and Bubbles
Medium - Roshi's Trial, All Your Own Stunts, The Vault, King Kai's Trial, Attunement Pt. I, For Hire, Carnivore
Hard - Attunement Pt. II

Planets Visited: Earth, Namek, Avalon, Kanassa, Kelioux, Juno, Vegeta, Damaskia, Valhalla

- Trophy Case -
Sparring Partner TrophyQuest ExpertContributorContest CupRecruiter TrophyQuest Goer TrophySlayerWell-Off

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