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Colette Harkin
Race: Damaskian
Location: ?
Fighting Style: Balanced Lv.20

- Combat Stats -

Base Stat
Power Level: 27,375 / 36,500
Ki: 13,687 / 18,250
Strength: 4,562
Speed: 5,000
Toughness: 4,562
Stamina: 4,562
Vitality: 4,562
Determination: 150 0
Charisma: 200 0
Intelligence: 185 0

- Equipment -

Slot Equipped Bonus
Body: Shadow Song Assassin's Garb +250 speed and +250 strength in battle
Arms: Shiny Ivory Bracers +100 stamina and +100 speed in battle
Legs: Silent Shoes Once per battle makes one physical attack combo unstoppable.
Accessory: Kunai Can be used 3 times per battle as special attack that does lv.3 physical damage
Accessory: None

- In Depth -

  • Hiding

Inventory: None

Fundamentals: Bukujustsu, Power Fly, Energy Blast, Power Blast, Deflect, Kiai, Beam Ball, Fire Breath, Sokidan, Blast Punch, Dynamite Kick

Advanced: Ki Sword, Deca Form, Tri-Form, Kiaiho, Cho No Ryoku, Flame Shield

Power Ups:
Zanzoken, Double Zanzoken, Flames of Hell, Hassuken, Shiyoken Barrier

Stances: Tiger Claw Stance

Kinjitsu No Ken

Special Abilities:
Speed Teleport x5, +1 Action, Evasion, Double Strike,
Double Strike, Composure, Pressure Points, Lightning Strike

Battle Record: 10/0/0

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