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Grandmaster Adel
Race: Keliouxian
Location: Kelioux
Fighting Style: Lv.20 Calculating, Lv.20 Tactical

- Combat Stats -

Base Stat
Power Level: 45,000 / ??????
Ki: 22,500 / ??????
Strength: 5,625 / ??????
Speed: 6,500 / ??????
Toughness: 5,625 / ??????
Stamina: 5,625 / ??????
Vitality: 5,625 / ??????
Determination: 850 0
Charisma: 1,000 0
Intelligence: 1,500 0

- Equipment -

Slot Equipped Bonus
Body: Elder Robe of the Lost
Sash of the Imperium
- + 400 Vitality in battle
- + 250 Stamina in battle
Arms: Kinetic Gloves
- All ki attacks are .5 of a damage level higher.
Legs: Sabatons of the Martyr
- Reduces ki cost of advanced and finisher by 2%.
Accessory: Staff of One Thousand Gems
- +500 Vitality and Reduces ki cost of all fundamentals by .5%
Accessory: Keliouxian Imperial Signet
- Absorbs two Ki attacks in battle

- In Depth -

  • Training

Inventory: Potion x2, Stasis Grenade, Energizer

Fundamentals: Bukujutsu, Power Fly, Beam Ball, Blast Punch, Deflect, Dodonpa, Double Assault, Double Energy Wave, Energy Wave, Dynamite Kick, Energy Dan, Eye Beam, Fire Breath, Kiai, Mesposo, Mouth Blast, One Fingered Blast, Power Blast, Serafin Punch, Sokidan, Suiken, Super Dodonpa

Advanced: Demition Bomb, Negative Arrows, Ice Blast, Hypnosis, Cho No Ryoku, Daichiretsuzan, Tsuhidan, Double Tsuhidan, Flame Shield, Freezer Beam, Ice Blast, Ion Beam, Rapid Ion Beam, Kakusandan, Kiaiho, Kikoh, Ki Sword, Ki No Tsurigi, Planet Cracker, Planet Geyser, Renzoku Energy Dan, Solar Flare, Spirit Ball, Deca Form, Tri-Form,

Power Ups:
Dyne Power Up, Yokata Power Up, Zanzoken, Double Zanzoken, Energy Charger, Energy Doubler, Barrier, Body Shield

Stances: Three Battles Stance, Wolf Stance, Titan Stance, Tiger Claw Stance, Ready Stance, Crush Stance, Catpaw Stance, Wind Stance

Nightmare, Final Flash, Grand Transmutation

Special Abilities:
Speed Teleport x6, +1 Action, Leadership, Telepathy, Telekinesis,
Transmute Energy, Heal, Teleport, Ki Suppression, Sense, Shishio, Maneuvers, Reversal, Strongside, Mimic, Second Wave, Empowerment, Reserves, Ki Manipulation, Hide True Power

Battle Record: ?/?/?

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