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Maverick - Alex's DBZ RPG 5
Level: ?


Fighting Style: Level 20 Balanced, Level 20 Calculating

- Combat Stats -

Base Stat
Power Level: 5 / ?????
Ki: 2.5 / ?????
Strength: ?????
Speed: ?????
+700, +18%
Toughness: ?????
Stamina: ?????
Vitality: ?????

- Equipment -

Slot Equipped Bonus
Body: ???? -
Arms: ???? -
Legs: ????-
Accessory: Maverick's Pendant Reduces all ki costs by half.

- In Depth -

  • Waiting

Inventory: ?

Fundamentals: Lv 2 Energy Wave, Double Energy Wave, Lv 2 Mesposo, Dodonpa, Super Dodonpa, Beam Ball, Lv 2 Energy Dan, Power Blast, Bukujutsu, Power Fly, Lv 2 Blast Punch, Deflect, Double Assault, Kiai, Lv 2 Serafin Punch, Sokidan, Aura Shot

Advanced: Renzouku Energy Dan, Infinity Bullet, Tsuihidan, Double Tsuihidan, Flash Bomb, Scatter Shot, Deca Form, Heat Phalanx, Static Flicker, Dragon Dive, Fusion Ball, Fusion Beam, Demolition Bomb, Negative Arrows, Ki Sword, Bakurikimaha

Power Ups:
Dyne Power Up, Yokata Power Up, Double Zanzoken, Zanzoken, Barrier, Body Shield, Aura, Energy Charger, Wolf Fang Fist, Illusion Wolf, Energy Doubler

Electro Eclipse Bomb, Galatic Machine Gun, Body Bind, Kinjutsu No Ken, Instant Transmission Kinjutsu No Ken

Passives: Level 2 Graceful, Level 2 Die Hard, Level 2 Adventurer, Level 2 Professional

Stances: Three Battles Stance, Wind Stance

Weapon: Expertise, Expertise II, Ki Slash, Quick Cut, Level 4 Swordsmanship, Inferno Sabre, Sword Grappling, Aura Blade, Verberation Blade, Kuzu Ryu Sen

Transformations: ?

Special Abilities:
Fusion, Heal, Instant Transmission, Teleport, Invisible Jumping, Ki Suppression,
Leadership, Sense, Dimensional Battling, Speed Teleport x8, Evasion, Double Strike, Composure, Pressure Points, Lightning Strike, Manuvers, Reversal, Strongside, Mimic, Ki Mastery 3

Battle Record: ?/?/?

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