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The Team

Leader & Coordinator: Endo Daisuke
2nd Commanding Magic Mistress: Ice Diva Reilly Asuka
3rd Count Kid Hustler: Miruzuki Jared
4th Count Galactic Ravager: Karas

The Vault


Equipment: Interlock, Bracelet, 2x Bracer, Forged Stamina Ring, Forged Ring of Toughness, Silent Shoes, 2x Super Wrist Weights, Damaskian Training Skin, Helmet Mark IV, Ring of Life [Spirit & Combat], Super Weighted Boots, Capsule Corp Vest, Weighted Gloves, Pouch, Forged Toughness Ring[wind], Forged Speed Ring, Wizard Belt, Forged Stamina Z-Sphere, Damaskian Training Skin of Water, Forged Z-Sphere of Toughness, Forged Z-Sphere of Vitality, Forged Z-Sphere of Strength, Paladin Gauntlet of Spirit/Health/Toxic, Silver Armor of the Gods of Wind, Combat Helmet IV[might/energy], Paladin Greaves of Earth and Knowledge, Saiyan Gauntlet of Water, Mark V Combat Armor, Mark V Combat Greaves, Mark V Combat Helmet

General Items: Dragon Radar, Steel Sword, 2x Bag of Sensu Beans (full), Stasis Crystal, Medical Instruments, 5x Airtight Vial (with Cordyceps) 2x Elixir, 8x Stasis Grenade, 2x Vaccine, Sensu Pouch (10/10)

Library: 2x Sensei Scroll, Chi of Ancient Arts, Book: Transmutation, 2x Teachings of Pyal, 2x Universal Physics, Art of War, 2x Finding Purpose, 2x Effective Leader, 2x Ancient Mathematics, 2x Ancient Martial Arts, Power of Soul, Develop an Iron Jaw, 2x Battle Bullet, Fundamental Scroll I, Fundamental Scroll II, Advanced Scroll

Planet Quasar:
1)Training Center w/ Punching Bag, 500lb Weights, Padded Rooms, Ki Orb, Ultra Gravitron (fully upgraded)
2)Outpost & Storage Post
3)Capital City (No Name Yet)
4)Civilization Lvs (1 & 2)
6)Atmosphere Generator
7)Gravity Amp

Tome of Martial Arts, Welder's Tools, Resurrection Gauntlet

The Team Wallet:
17,456 zeni

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